Which is the best Aristocrat luggage for you?

Finding a perfect travel luggage bags online can be tricky and making up your mind to buy Soft or Hard Shell luggage bag can be a tough decision.

No matter what kind of a traveler you are, durability is undoubtedly a big reason when it comes to considering a travel bag. Especially with the amount of things we carry today. If you are contemplating to buy one of them and you aren’t sure what to go for, then we will help you know the difference between the two trolley bags for travel. This might help you choose the one that fits your bill.

Hard Shell trolley travel bags

Soft Shell trolley travel bags


Hard Shell trolley travel bags are very much durable and gain precedence, because they are water resistant and are comparatively easier to keep it safe from liquid spills

Soft luggage might give in to liquids and might absorb it to an extent


Hard luggages might have problems if they fall or have been dropped from a height

Soft shell travel bags will not be impacted as much. Because of the flexible material that is used in making them.


Hard shell travel bags aren’t expandable nor can they be compressed because of their build.

If you are a packer then the soft shell is for you because these trolley travel bags are made from Polyester, which allows it to stretch and compress. This flexibility comes in handy in case you pack a bit extra, or when the time comes to get the bag into a compact space.


hard shell travel bags takes the lead on the style statement Simply because of the how unique it looks and it comes in vibrant colors

While, Soft shell travel bags comes in different colors they don’t stand out as much. Their chances of getting stained are more if not used carefully.


Hard shell on the other hand doesn’t have these pockets because of its built.

Having extra pockets on the outsides is another feature of the soft shell luggage that might come in han

dy for various purposes for tucking things like toiletries, extra pair of slippers, or even documents.


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