We bet that there are a lot of questions that float in your mind when you buy travel suitcase online. Since a suitcase is a long-term investment, you need to be sure that it is durable and best in quality. You need to also check whether it checks out all your requirements, to give you the best experience. Here are few questions that can stumble into your mind and answers that can help you buy the best travel luggage bags online.

Questions answered

1: What is the material that is used to make Aristocrat travel bags?

Aristocrat bags are made of Premium 1200 D Polyester fabric or Polycarbonate. This makes it highly durable and tamper-proof and at the same time they are affordable travel bags too. These materials also helps in keeping the weight to a minimum thus helping you get lightweight travel bags that are easy to maneuver.

2: Do you Aristocrat bags come in different sizes?MAZE 360° STROLLY

YES! Aristocrat wheeled travel bags come in 3 sizes which covers all your needs.

● 56 - 60 cms - Small luggage which can go in the cabin space of the airplane.

● 68 - 72 cms - A medium sized luggage that will be perfect for a week-long trip.

● 80 - 82 cms - A large sized luggage for even longer trips

3: Are these bags scratch-proof?

YES, hard-shell bags from Aristocrat are scratch resistant, not scratch-proof though. The Polycarbonate shell which is robust and durable does a very well job of keeping your valuables secure and safe.

4: Do Aristocrat travel bags come with warranty?

YES, indeed! Every Aristocrat bag comes with a 5 year international warranty. That means no matter which part of the globe you are in, you can be rest assured of getting support when it comes to you travel luggage. This will certainly help you travel in peace.


5: Do Aristocrat bags have trolleys/Wheels?

YES! All Aristocrat travel bags come with trolleys/wheels. They come with 4 sturdy wheels so that you can handle it and push it along your way with ease.

6: Do Aristocrat bags have locks?

YES, every Aristocrat trolley bags for travel comes fitted with combination locks for the safety of your belongings. So set your combination and secure your luggage.

You can buy these travel luggage bags online from the marketplace or head to aristocrat.in for the best luggage deals online and make the most of your purchase.

Happy shopping to you!